Hello Girls (rodgi) wrote in mywifestory,
Hello Girls

Drunken Crabs!

Henry stood up creakily, steadying his pounding head, hitching up his pants (now slightly less prehistoric for a good old dose of seawater) and squinted out to sea.
No ships
No planes
And certainly no 1998 slightly dented postal vans.
He reached into his pants for another mini bottle of booze and cursed quietly to find that the others had all vanished (had he looked a little further down the beach he might have discovered why. DRUNKEN CRABS!!) So, sitting down with a sigh he reached for the blue wellies, from whence they came he knew not, and began to examine them.
They were a little battered and bore only the mystical incription "Dunlop" and upon the sole a small number seven.
Something occult, no doubt, he thought to himself.
But within one of the wellies something shifted... something not large and not small... He upended the wellie over the sand.
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